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What constitutes a verbal will in spain. My mother has left

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What constitutes a verbal will in spain. My mother has left a holiday property in spain, she made no will for one reason or another.. I t was always assumed that i would keep the property, as i am the only daughter who has bothered with the house and since my fathers death have kept up all payments of bills and paid for all the alterations to the house. My other sister has reliquished her share of the property to me, but the elder sister wants her share, I am not prepared to sell the house, I was at the beginning, but all my family said I have always had a special interest in the property for the last 38 years, and mum wanted me to have it. In 2011 mum suffered a massive stroke , and was severely disabled, and was not able to talk,or walk, she passed away last september . Also I am not prepared to spend copious amounts of money in notario fees, that will diminish the value of the estate, that is at a very low and unstable at the moment.



In Spain it is not valid a verbal will if no ratified in the notaria.

So your mother has not a will at all


The house according to spanish law it is for the three doughters, and your sister has the right to get her part


You van manage a deal with her, and pay her an amount to get her part


In you do not get an agreement he could demand the judicial sell out of the propiety, so the judge could sell it out and you three get the money gotten


I will be here if needed


The best for you its to deal with your sisters and get an agreement

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