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We believe that my wifes stepfather did something illegal

Customer Question

We believe that my wife's stepfather did something illegal about 23 years ago after my wife's mother died. My wife we believe should have inherited a third of a villa at that time. Is there a statute of limitations? and how long is it? We are waiting for my stepmothers death certificate to be legalised then we are going to Spain to get copy of will that we are now sure she had in place at the time.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Spain Law
Expert:  José M. replied 4 years ago.

José M. : Hi there
José M. : Jose M spanish attorney
José M. : If he take the inheritage 23 yedra ago there is not chance to take criminal or civil action against him because the chance is ocre now.
José M. : So, its not matter if he did it legaly ir not . You have now no chance. Your rights are over and there is nothing to do
José M. : Sorry for the bad news.
JACUSTOMER-m4qaqjqn- :

Not even private prosecution?

José M. : Please let me know if you have moré doubts about it. Thank you .
JACUSTOMER-m4qaqjqn- :

You haven't answered my question on how long statute of limitations lasts ?

José M. : Spanish law give you 30 years to claim for an inheritage that nobody has asked but if he ask for it you have only 20 years to sue him
José M. : now the criminal fact even if it was is over and you have no chance to demand him
José M. : Thank you
JACUSTOMER-m4qaqjqn- :

Ok thanks

José M. : Thank you and sorry again for the bad news
José M. : I gently ask for a good rate of the service
José M. : its important for the expert that you rate the service positively