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José M.
José M., Attorney
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Hi I was arrested last August in Spain after being caught

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I was arrested last August in Spain after being caught with 92 ecstasy tablets.

I am on bail from Spain and have had my documents translated recently and the imposements against me states 'the defendant is to impose the sentence of 4 years in prison, with the accessory for special disqualification from standing for election & a fine of 2300 euros subsidiary personal liability in case of default of 20 days'

From this I read that they are giving me an option of paying a fine rather than prison however I'm not too sure if it means both.

Can you please advise ??

José M. :

Hi there

José M. :

José M spanish attorney

José M. :

Further than 3 years you can no change jail for money

José M. :

They are asking you 4 years plus the fine

José M. :

The best in cases like you its to try to deal under 3 years by agrement, pay the fine in Spain and go

José M. :

Talk with you attorney and try to get an agrement

José M. :

It should be easy to get, change the charges for fines, pay the money and go

José M. :

Contact an english speaking attorney in Spain like and let they know you want to get an agrement to pay and go

Customer: Okay thank you.
Customer: do you think there is a good chance I can exchange my sentence for a fine & if so how much do you think this would be??
Customer: i have already paid 3000 euros bail would this go towards my fine or would my fine be seperate??
Customer: your help is much appreciated
Customer: Also how long does it usually take to recieve my summons to Spain ?
José M. : Hi there, it shouldnot be longuer than a year to get an agreement, 2 years as example, to pay 6000 euros fine and let you go, the most important think is to have a good attorney who could manage the agreement. The 3000 euros paid will go back to you at the end of the agreement
José M. :

Let me know if you need more help, thank you

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you

Is there anyone you would recommend who could deal with this for me?

And what are the chances they would issue a European arrest warrant for me if I didn't attend court?

They are no cheap but they could be a good help

In all cases ask for several budgets because prices are free and every attorney put the price to his time

I know also But I think they are on real state business

Not going to the court is the worst you could do, you will lose the chance to deal with them and the chance to be arrested all europe arround could be hight. Please do not do that, just for you.

Pay the best attorney you could affort

Thank you for asking

I gently ask for a good rate of the service

Thank you

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