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José M.
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My 17 year old daughter is on holiday in Lanzarote, due to

Customer Question

My 17 year old daughter is on holiday in Lanzarote, due to return today. She has phoned to say that she has decided to stay for 2 months to work in a bar. I am separated from her Father, with who she lives. He has agreed for her to stay, however I want her to return as I am concerned for her safety.

What is the law? Is she allowed to stay and work? Is she considered to be a minor at risk?


Kellie Procopides
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Spain Law
Expert:  José M. replied 3 years ago.

José M. : Hi Kellie
José M. : Jose M spanish attorney
José M. : As a UK citicen she has the right to work here
José M. : check that they make her al about contract and be sure they are they say they are
José M. : In Spain the law is almost the same than in UK
José M. : the riskes could become if they do not make a legal contract or they are scamers
José M. : if you do not mind to tell me data of the employeer I could check the case for you and study the riskes if they are
José M. : Thank you
Customer : Ok, thanks. Are you saying then that at 17 it is ok for her to stay in Lanzarote?
José M. : Use, no problem with that as long as you agree and sign you are
José M. : they will need to know you agree
José M. :

Let me know if you need more help, thank you