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My father died and left a property in menorca to his wife in

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my father died and left a property in menorca to his wife in a Spanish will
in his English will written 5 years later he left same property to his son
which is legal
Hi there

Always is legal the last will.
In order to make legal the spanish one you should probe that its false or whatever reason
But as soon as he made a new one in Spain, the previous in UK becomes nule
So, check if the spanish will is legal, made in the notario, and if it is, the previous one is nule
You have to check the new one, the spanish one, and if its legal, nothing to do with the previous one

Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


thank you for the answer but crossed wires.

my father is English,the first will was made in menoca in front of notoria,giving wife property.

second will made in uk with all his other assets gives property in menorca to son.

seconond will (English one)made 5 years after the one made in spain.

so which is legal.

many thanks

Brandon becker

Well, the legal will is the last one, the brithish one,
Spanish will will be nule as soon as the Brithish one will be valid according to the intrenational law and is has its requirements
So, if the one made in Uk is legal the spanish one has not value

Remember, once youi make whatever a legal will, all previuos ones are nule

thank you

Obviusly I get that the spanish one was the last one, sorry for that
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