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I was just reading through the UKIP general election manifesto

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I was just reading through the UKIP general election manifesto (for research purposes to prepare an article I am writing - I am not a UKIP supporter!) and I was surprised to read a statement that member states of the EU are also required under the terms of EU membership to sign up to the European Convention on Human Rights as well. Is this correct? I had always believed that the two were entirely separate. I am aware of course that several States can and have signed up to the ECHR without being members of the EU and conversely I believe it is correct to say that every EU member State has in fact signed up to the ECHR - but is it possible to belong to the EU without signing up to the ECHR or does the EU insist that this is a requirement of EU membership?
Hi there
One of the requirments to become a EEC member is to respect human rights, so, even when it is not compulsory for the member which pretend to become a member, in fact if it does not sign it, rarely he could become a member.
No where says it must sing it but if they do not do it rarely it become a member

Thank you
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