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My wife bought a house in andalucia with her divorce money

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My wife bought a house in andalucia with her divorce money before we got married. We were cohabiting at the time.
The house fell into disrepair because we couldn't afford to restore the property until my business enabled me to spend money on it.. We moved to Spain 4 years ago since when my wife hasn't worked and I have continued to restore the house as well as supporting her. Because of her serious alcohol problem I'm thinking of leaving her. My question is... Even though her name is ***** ***** deeds I've spent as much as she has spent buying the property in restoring it as well as running the household and working. Do I have any rights to the property if I divorce her or is it considered her separate asset?
Hi there,

According to spanish law all the money you invest there is lost unless she recognices that she owes you money
If you are on good mood with her you could explain your fear and go to a notaria to make an official debt document where she recognaices that she owes you this money
But if the situation is not so good your chance is very hard, you could sue her at court but the risk to lose is very hight

You do not have any nore right on the propiety far away fron the one she could recognice you by writting at the notario

Please ask if you need more help

Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Is it expensive to get an official debt document?

No, it is about 70 / 90 euros at whatever notaria you choose, the main problem is that she agree and sign it
If she does with that little money you will be sure because in case of divorce or whatever she never could deny the debt
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