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I am a pensioner my daughter and I bought a villa in Spain,

Customer Question

I am a pensioner my daughter and I bought a villa in Spain, I had to return home in 2008. We started to have financial difficulties in paying the mortgage but we managed to pay 50% and then would catch up with any arrears after approximately 6 months. The bank has closed our internet banking account and despite e-mails and phone calls to them we have not had any response. We have kept back the mortgage money here in the UK. We would like to know if we can write to a Solicitor to take our case on, in order to know were we stand legally. We have been told by a solicitor in Spain that it is illegal for the bank to do what they have done.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Spain Law
Expert:  José M. replied 2 years ago.

Hi there,

Probably your bank does not more exist and it has been bought for someone alse or the mortage sold out

There are a lot of people like you in spain right now

Even you could win money with that

If you wait and do nothing at the end the bank for sure will call you to try to make an agrement with you

Law is changing on last years in spain and you have now more power againts the bank, more cards to play

If you call them, you probe you are afraid of them, and you shouldnt do that

Wait until they call you, and they, they will offer you an agrement, They always does.

And whern they call you, you could even to contact me again and we could manage the case togheter. I have a lot of experience with banks in the last years

I could manage the case for you when they call you

Thank you