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José M.
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Dear *****, You recently answered a question relating

Customer Question

Dear *****,
You recently answered a question for me relating to an apartment I own in Mallorca. I have another question. We live in a terraced house within a residential block and at the end of this block is currently situated a satellite dish that picks up German TV. I have been told that we have a right to erect a UK satellite dish in order to watch TV in our native language. The other residents refuse to give us permission. Please advise me if we do have a right to install the dish.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Spain Law
Expert:  José M. replied 3 years ago.
Hi there

Nice to know about again,

First thing you have to Know is

As soon as you touch floor, wall, roof, of the propiety you need to ask a permission.

So, if you could put it on a way you do not need to touch this parts, you are free to do whatever you need

You can no modificate or make holes on them, but if you find a way to put it without modifications you are free to put it

In a practic way,if you make whatever you want, they could force you to leave the things as they are now, no fines, no more problems. So, if you find a way to make it on a way that you could leave it in the same way it is, they never could do anything againts you

In the other hand, to put it as it is supposed to be, you need the permission. BUT if somebody alse there has put it and nobody put a claim, you have the same right as thay have accepted the one of somebody alse

So, by the two ways, if somebody have it now, or you do not touch comunity things you can do it
In onother way you have to ask for the permission

Thank you