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José M.
José M., Attorney
Category: Spain Law
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Jose, we have just signed up with a company called Realistix

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Hi Jose, we have just signed up with a company called Realistix Solution in Gran Caneria who told us the could relinquish our contract with another timeshare. Now we are not sure if they can. We are not sure what to do
Hi thereYou only have 7 days coll period to avoid your contract.So, send them a certificate mail letter demanding to broke your contract as it is your right following the spanish consumers law RDL 1/2007Send them by a way you could lately probe you did it a letter demanding to ereas your contarct and forget about themif they tak some money from you you could demand your cash back and if they reject to give it you back to you, you could contract a local atorney who sue them at court for this depositPlease let me know if you need more help from meThank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. We have not paid them any money yet because their office was closed to process the bank transfer. They said come back tomorrow and pay them by credit card. Can we just not go back tomorrow and give them back everything they gave us and say we want to cancel or not go ahead with the contract. We are worried because we signed the contact we must pay them.
Forget them, do not pay them and tell them that you do not want to go ahead with the contract and let them know you have right to broke it according spaños law in the cool periodo of time. Do not be scared of their threats and do not pay them a penny.
If they become a problem treath them with calling the police for scam
Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
They also made us sign a document that said there is NO cooling off period. Is that legal? We are worried that they may have the rights to payment.

According to spanish law, which is the aplicable law what suits your case, even signed this clause is nule, so you have cooling off period even if you agree not, becuase the law says so and they know it
So, IT is not legal
They are scamers and they have no ways to force you to pay
Threat them to call the police for scam

They have a los of denounces for that,$1,000.00
Thank you

Forget them and do not pay them

I see you have reach my answer
I gently ask for a good rate of the service at the 3 to five icons
Its important for me to agt paid from the site for my time
Thank you
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. Just to let you know we tried to return the product to them by person, but they kept evading the subject. So after a while we just walked away.
We are much grateful for your help and will give the rating.
Thank you.
Thank you
They are scamers an try to threat people but law is against them and they know it
They never will try to take a legal way againts you
Thank you