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I am interested in buying a property in Spain which was built

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I am interested in buying a property in Spain which was built illegally.The explanation i have received from the agents is below,could you tell me if this is true.
The information from the town hall on the property.
The property is located on a small plot and with trict protection.
Origanaly there was and old building what was destroyed and in it’s place is the present building
there was a urban infraction on the new building has the permisión was only for maintenance and uokeep of the property.
So the corresponding record urb infrigement took place.
Not allowing legal use or demolition.
Housing and pool are ilegal
The council house calculated that the penalti is based on 74.000€ whatis the value of the constrution and would apply 25% to 50%.
Once the penalti is payed the town hall will do a Document saying that they will not proceed to demolish but notwithstanding the illegality consting will continue.
Hi there
Do not trust on oral words, look for writing facts
Ask for the nota simple at the propiety register and ask by writting to the city hall how is the file of this propiety
May be charges or fines, or demolition orders that could be stoped lately
Thank you
Ask whatever you need and I will answer you as soon as possible
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