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I live on a community of 60 houses and one of the houses is

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I live on a community of 60 houses and one of the houses is owned by a Spanish chap he then rents it out to another person , but the problem is the owners family come to use the community pool we were always led to believe that only residents can you have use of the pool and there guests , the people that come bring any number of friends with them and residents have the left as they feel intimidated,when we have complained to the administrater she said that we cannot stop them as it is Spanish planning law , but I was under the impression we made are own community rules can you clarify these rules for me thank you your Mrs Josephine Moran
Hi thereSpanish law says that the rules to be applied in this case will be that the coowners has given to the comunity. So, if the comunity has said that no guest are wellcome, owner are supposed to to have them. But relly it is an stupid thing, as long as, even when the rule does exist, nobody has right to force a guest to left the pool, so, legaly the rule´s value is cero.
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In short. Check the comunity rules and what they sayOnce you got them, you will gat the rule to be aplliedBut be sure, that nobody, even police, could demand a guest to left the place as long he is a guest of a coowner, so, nobody could force him to goThank you
Please ask if you need more help. José M spanish solicitor