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My partner and I purchased land and property 8 years ago, the

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my partner and I purchased land and property 8 years ago, the title deeds were put in his name, because at the time he was dealing with everything over there, even though the funds to purchase the property was transferred from our joint uk bank account. Trust, being love, believing what ever, I am now in a situation where we are in process of separation and he basically is saying I will get nothing, after 30 years together I am prepared to contest this. he did do a Spanish will three years ago which I met with the solicitor at the house there were a few amendments so at the time he went over with his son to finalise things, pay for the will etc, and leaving me the property should anything happen to him, however I am now disbeiliving this as the affair he has been having has been going on has been longer than that, I feel everything he has been stringing me along with has been a farce, where would I stand to fight for what is partly mine after 30 years together. I would like some advice on this.
Hi there, José M. spanish atorney
If you put the propiety on his name the only way we have to demand him is for the money we give him to pay for it
The problem is to probe that it was not a gift, a donation
So, your chance goes throught probing that it was not a gift
In this cases, an agrement is the best, ***** ***** not possible, you will have to contract a local atorney who demands the money to him
It is called in spain enriquecimiento injusto, ( unjust enrichment) and must be done at court with an atorneys help.
It is very cumun case, and your cahnce to win will be based on the probes you could have about it, I mean, as example, that you have ask for it and he recognice he owes you that money, as example
Thank you
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