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Good evening,I have Tenancy issue,I had a rental agreement

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Good evening,I have Tenancy issue,I had a rental agreement with a couple which started August 2014 by October 2014 it was clear i had made a mistake so i gave them three months notice which they refused to accept,However the water company have put a tag on the so they have no water;also the electricity company have stop supply.There is know one living in the villa however i understand some of their furniture is still in the villa.My question is can i enter the villa a change the locks and secure the proterty. ?
Hi there
If they nlive there and you enter, you are making a criminal ofence
So, you must make sure that they do not live there
You can do that with external signs that nobody lives there, no supplies used, even callling a notario who makes an acta that you enter an nobody is there
So, make sure that nobody lives before you go. Go several days and check it before you enter
Thank you
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi If the tenant have the Utilities cut off for none payments, and there is no sign of habitation at the villa what can I do to enter and secure the property. This guy is trying to cause hassle for me ! What is my best option!
Well Sir
If you are not sure he is not living there you must be carefull
If you go inside and he denounces you, you will be on troubles will the Police. It is a criminal action
So, you could use another ways, use a notario who makes an acta about there are no utilities used and witness in the same line
Or contract a local atorney who demand at court you can get in, it will need at least 1.500 euros and three months
Than you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you that's what I thought
Thank you Sir