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This is a property question. I am British and reside in

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This is a property question.
I am British and reside in the UK. A little over 6 month ago I met an African woman who lived in Southern Spain. Because of a failed marriage with a UK ex***** *****ving in Spain nearly 5 years ago, her residency papers have run out. She is currently in the courts trying to renew them. She was young when she married the husband and did not realise the importance of the European divorce, having arranged the Muslim divorce years ago.
Now he refuses to sign to divorce or to renew her residency/work papers. It has become somewhat bitter.
She has a Gambian passport only.
She and I are planning a life together and once she gets her Spanish papers I'm told she can travel to live with me in the UK (although I suspect there will then be additional hurdles to make that permanent). I'm told it will take her a few months to sort out the papers and her divorce.
I guess the problem is I only have this information from her as her lawyer does not speak English and, even if they did, their duty is to her.
In the meantime, I am buying an apartment, in my sole name, for cash, in Spain and she will be living there until she gets her papers and can travel to see me. I guess that is my risk and boils down to my faith in our relationship.
She seems very very insistent in getting all of the utilities (electric, water etc) in her name (she has a bank account from when she had residency) despite the fact that all that will happen is I will have to transfer the money for bills to her and then she will have to pay it.
The rationale is it will assist her residency application if she can show she is paying these bills in her name (regardless of the source of the funds). I had previously been told that having an EU resident as a partner that was fully supporting her, with a property in Spain was going to be the greatest benefit.
I suppose my question relates to the sudden nagging insistence of getting the utility bills in her name...does it create something akin to squatters rights? Does it in any way affect my situation regarding the property that I will wholly own?
Does it ring true that getting these accounts in her name (if she is able without residency) will assist her impending residency application?
I do have faith in her and I, but I never like to feel railroaded into a decision especially when I'm the only person in the relationship that doesnt speak Spanish...
Any advice would be appreciated. Hopefully you will tell me it makes no difference whose name the utilities are in and that having them in her name will assist her residency application.
Many thanks All
Hi there
She wants the utilities on her name and the most important thing is to be registred at this propiety at the catastro in the City Hall because she will probe at future that she was living there for some time and that will give her the right to stay and get the papers
The risk for you is only in case you broke, because she could demand the use of the propiety as long as she gets some other place to stay and live but no more
If you trust her your risk is nothing and you are helping her to get her papers
Thank you
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