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José M.
José M., Attorney
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Dear Sirs, My partner and I bought an apartment in

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Dear Sirs, My partner and I bought an apartment in Calahonda, Spain in 2004 off plan. 2yrs later the apartment blocks were built and keys handed over. Each block had a swimming pool excepting ours which didn't get built. About that time I was diagnosed
with Multiple Sclerosis (Secondary Progressive MS). Since then symptoms have, as the name suggests, progressively got worse. I'm a skilled avionics engineer who has suffered the loss of touch to the degree of 50% in left hand & c. 70% in right hand. Holding
a pen in my right hand and writing legibly is nigh impossible. I'm near immobile and have a peculiar gait when attempting to walk. There are many other problem save to say I'm quite badly disabled. Over the last 5 years I've collected a stent for my heart
but had to go through a heart attack to get it and recently had all my blood thinned to help prevent a reoccurance of bilateral blood clots. I'm deemed unemployable and am dependant on my war pension, service pension and state pension. But then I am 67 so
I suppose that kinda makes it acceptable. (but I miss being challenged with Avionic & or computer problems). Back in Spain - although I've informed them of my chronic disablement they don't seem to be listening. Neither myself or partner have been using the
apartment (living in england) and initially the local services weren't provided. Therefore no rubbish to collect no use of swimming pool etc. Now i realise the services have to run but taking into account my disability and no rubbish etc I kinda thought maybe
a little discount ought to be applied. My Q. What's the level of easement offered in Spain for someone of my standing.
Hi Sir. José M Spanish atorney.
In Spain there are not easement in expenses due the fact to have an a propiety here.
You could get some If you reside in Spain, but not If you dont
No services price reductions available.
Sorry for that, but there are not.
Please leer me know If you have further questions.
Thank you
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