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My partner and I own a property in a gated community

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Hi, my partner and I own a property in a gated community property in Spain. I'm now immobilised by multiple sclerosis and partner works very hard to provide for us and keep a roof over our head here in UK. The Spanish property is bring us down as we can
no longer make it pay its way by renting it out. On top of that we have community charges to pay (we are non residents). The community managers have taken us to court in Spain and won the undefended case against us. We are now about to be served a writ demanding
payment. My feeling is that they did not announce my condition in the court and believe that may well have stopped the case going through until they had medical reports. How can we stop the writ being presented and what can I do to negotiate my way out of
Hi there
legally you can do nothing to force them to stop
In you do nothing they will seize the propiety and the court will sell it out to pay them and give you the rest if something stay left.
If you want not to lose the propiety try to sell it out as soon as possible to pay them and save money
If you dont care for the value of it and you have some more problems forget them and live your live
But if to lose the propiety is the real problem you will have to pay them ans do it as soon as posible
Also you could make an agrement to pay them but they are not forced by law to accept it if they do not want
But if you make an agrement probably they stop at court against you as you repect the agrement and pay on time
Thank you
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Thank you
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