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Ive separated from my partner who lives in spain with my daughter

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ive separated from my partner who lives in spain with my daughter I now live back in the uk. 3yrs. my daughter has a dual passport. I pay 200 pounds a month for her maintenance.the mother is also british. i rent a flat in spain for my daughter to visit where she can spend time with me.
if i am lucky her mother may let me see her for an hour a day or maybe not at all. her mother has now stopped answering the phone to me so contact has now stopped completely. what are my writes she has also changed my daughters name.
Hi there
José M spanish atorney
In order to get rigts to see her you need a court sentence which says them
You say you have to pay her 200 euros, but I do not Know if it becomes from a judicial order or not.
If you have rights to see her from a UK sentence is valid in Spain
If you do not have a judicial order you will need one which tell you your rights and enforcemts, how much you have to pay an so on
You could demand in court in Spain the order and It will tell you the timetable to see her
As a regular rule in Spain, the father has the right to have the minor on week end every 15 days and the half time of the school holydays
Thank you
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi again going back to your answer you ask about the maintenance money. this was agreed amicable when I came back to the uk in 2011 . my ex is also british she lives at a villa owned by her grandfather who resides in the uk.what should my next step be in my rights to see my daughter and a legel maintence payment. my daughter was born in spain. thank you mark
In all cases, an agree is always the best way to manage this matter
You two have to try to get an agree about the time table to share your time with the minor and in order to get legal security for both of you, to put the agreement into court with the help of a local atorney
With that you will have always security to know your rights to visit and have your minor with you
Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi jose its mark again would you be able to tell me if my ex partner in spain had the right to chang my daughters name from daisy ***** ***** to daisy june cook with out my knowing or permission the first name was registered on her birth certificate thank you.
Hi there The ex has the right and the chance to do it but if she do it you will have the chance also to reject it as the father you are, and then the court will decideAs it is the translation into spanish of an english name may be she could get it ... Read more in this link Have a good day