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11 years ago I sold my house in Estepona, Andalusia due to

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11 years ago I sold my house in Estepona, Andalusia due to the death of my husband. The urbanisation, Unknown to all residents, had put a charge on each property to rebuild the road. I was the only one with a buyer, and an amount of €26,500 was taken from the sale money and put into a joint account between my solicitor, mr Calvo and the buyers solicitor, this needed two signatures to access the account. The road is now built and the contractors are reducing the charges by 75%. However, my solicitor after trying many times, finds out at the other solicitor, a Mrs Urdiales of Marbella, has transferred this money into an account only for her and will not release the money. I have all the official paperwork from the time the house was sold. Now my solicitor won't reply, and I only can get a reply from the solicitor dealing with the road payments. Is there a Spanish Law Society I can go to as Mrs Urdiales is definitely in the wrong. Can you help please? Mrs June Smith
Hi there Mrs June
As I get, the other solicitor has take the money and she does not want to pay the constructor of the road. Well, even if your own atrorney does not appear, you could contract another one to sue her at court
She has stolen the money from the account and she has to answer for that
So, contract another atorney there and sue her at court
Thank you
I will be here if needed
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