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My Auntie in Spain has just died. She never married and has

no children. My mother is... Show More
no children. My mother is the only remaining sibling to my Auntie. Who will inherit her estate?
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Hi thereI need to know the nationality of your Auntie in order to answer youIf she was spanish the spanish law says that first are called sons, then parents, and if not, siblings.So, you could ask for the inheritance here in SpainIf she was not spanish, you have to ask to an atorney of the same nationality of your Auntie, bacause spanish law could be not aplicable.In all cases, if she got permanenet residence here in spain and no better heir appears, you could claim also the inheritance here in SpainThank you. José M spanish atorney Thank you
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
My auntie is Spanish as is my mother. Both born in Huesca Aragon. My auntie has no children, no parents and my mother is the only living sibling. The nieces and nephews (children of other deceased siblings to my mother and aunty) think they are entitled to the inheritance. Please advise if this is the case. many thanks.
Hi thereThe aplicable law is spanish lawSpanish law call all the brothers/sisters she gotIf some brother/sister is dead but has sons, their sons are called alsoTell me the number of sister/brothers of your Antie, died or not. From died ones let me know if they have sonsThank you
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
I have requested a phone call. I speak Spanish too so we should be ok! There were 6 brothers and sisters in total:
My mother (Pilar Sanagutin) (the youngest, still alive, 4 children)
Ascension (recently deceased , no spouse, no children)
Jose (deceased) two living children
Emilia (deceased) two living children
Isabel (deceased) one living child
Angel (deceased) one living child
I hope this helps
Hi thereI will phone you in some minutes but I will make the pictureHeirs are all sons but Emilia, so they are 5 partsDied people with sons are chanced for their sonsSo Pilar has 20 per cet to be divided into her sonsJose has 20 per cent to be divided into her 2 sonsEmilia as same as JoseIsabel has 20 per cent, now is for her child ,Angel the same that IsabelThank you