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We own a property in a community that is part of a macro community. There

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we own a property in a community that is part of a macro community.
There are 5 in total but the 5th community was never completed and is now redundant
The voting rights were
section 1 has 5%
section 2 has 34%
section 3 has 10 %
section 4 has 11%
section 5 has 40% but not finished therefore when the macro meets section 2 dictates to the other communities as there voting percentage outvotes us all combined and charges what they choose without consultation with the others.
Can we challenge this
Hi ThereIn order to chance the coumity rules you have to follow a legal procedureThe first thing to know is taht the law requires unanimity to chance themIs somebody denies the change there is another procedure, at court, expensive, an no sure to make it realThank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
If one community is larger than the others combined how can we challenge any decision ?
No, its just the sameYou need unanimity, not majorityThank you
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