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José M.
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In 1999 whole working in a bar in ibiza i was involved in an

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In 1999 whole working in a bar in ibiza i was involved in an argument with a bartender from a local bar.It was a minor incident and I thought nothing if it until I was arrested an hour later.the man said I threatened him.
I was questioned brought before a judge that day and basically after hearing my side of the story they released me.I was asked when I was leaving,gave a date and was told they set the court case for after that date.
Many months later at home I received a document saying I'd been found guilty in my absence of threatenibg behaviour and fined,a small fine about 60,000 psetos...about £250 I believe.i tried to pay in but couldn't..returned to me I think so forgot all about in.
Now some frriends are going on holiday there and I'm invited but would be concerned even after all this time the fine would still be active. I have no problem paying in but don't want to go and possibly be arrested at the airport...especially if the fines been increased.
In any event I would like to resolve this issue.
Can you give me some advice.
Hi there, you have anything to be worried aboutUnpayed bills in Spain have only 4 years to get paid from the debitorEven if they spent some time looking for you, if they have let pass 4 years without looking for you, they miss all chance againts youMinor criminal facts have 5 years to be ereasedSo, you have no problems hereEnjoy your travel up without worriesJosé M spanish atorney
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's great news Jose.Good to hear it from a Spanish lawyer.I would have been happy to pay the original fine but couldn't find a way to do it.Muchas gracias.
Gracias a Ud, disfrute de su viajeI gently ask for a good rate of the service, thank you