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I passed the deeds of my British house to my then daughter

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I passed the deeds of my British house to my then daughter in law thinking she wanted to improve her credit rating but she borrowed against it and could not pay the loan back. my son had already sold his business to buy land in Spain she used the money from my home to build a house out there I also sent out another £15000 eventually they gave up came back to England the House in Spain was going to be sold this did not happen my son was still paying money on it but had to stop due to lack of funds she has since divorced my son and is saying no way will he or I get a penny from this although she promised to pay me back I don't know what to do and I cannot afford legal fees as she has drained me dry
Hi there.Is a hard situation the one you got with her. You will need to probe that she pay nothing to get your deeds and that you did not give her for free... And that will become hard without probesSo, the way to manage, is try to get from her, some probesAs exemple, you could ask her for writting, your money waiting for an answerFrom the answer we could probe she recognices that she owes you the moneyThats the way I will do it if I were in your position.Once you got the probes, contract an atorney to sue her at courtBut before all, get the probes.José M spanish atorney
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
She will have nothing to do with me I can prove the no money was given for deeds as it was then family everything was verbal
The problem is that is you who has to probe the judge that she owes you the moneyAnd she she says that was for free, a gift, or whatever, you will have you case lostSo, you need to make sure that she recognice you that she owes you the moneyIf I write you asking you for money and you answer that you will pay when you can, you are recognicing that you oweme that moneyThats is my idea, my advice
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The only proof I have is my son and his sons who know the truth of the matter would this be enough and can this be sorted out in an English court
Having witnesses is a good starting point but not enought. Try to get better probes to sue her, here in Spain or UKThank you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can I do it with a voice recording
its a way. A valid probe in court
better by writting, if you aks her and wait.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok thanks
Thank youI gently ask for a good rate of the serviceHave a good day
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