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We are a group of parents in a private college in Spain

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Good afternoon,
We are a group of parents in a private college in Spain accredited by Cambridge International Examnination Board (CIE) and Edexcel International. We are completely destroyed by what has happened with our children. We would like to briefly explain our case to see if you are able to help us. The owner of the school run away with our fees, and more importantly did not send the exam papers for GCSE and Alevels to Cambridge and Edexcel on time. We paid the exam fees on time, the exams were all done correctly following the correct protocol. The only problem was that the headteacher/owner of the school/college stored them away in a secure cupboard and did not send them on time. Cambridge and Edexcel at no time during the exam period contacted the school to find out where the exams were. It wasn't until results day for the ALevel students, who were waiting for university confirmations, that the PARENTS realised there was a problem. We called Cambridge and Edexcel, who then realised there was something wrong and sent someone to collect the papers at the end of August, something that should have been done in May/June. Cambridge and Edexcel have now after supposed investigation of their own, have said they will not release the grades, the students HAVE TO resit the exams, and have refused to take some responsibility for this whole situation. We have our children, on the other hand - the ones who did AS exams, don't know if they can carry on to A2, the GCSEs have had to revise again to retake the same exams before they can start AS. Worst of all, we have 12 university students, some who have had to start a foundation year (with extra costs) others who are distraught and anxious because they don't know if they are going to loose a year of study, with university and accommodation paid for. We don't know who is to blame, but we do know as parents and students that we did everything we had to correctly and yet we are the ones suffering.

Hi there. Your case is terrible and there has been several similar cases in Spain lately.

The first step is to denounce the facts to the spanish police for scam and study if we could reach some responsability or help with spanish culture department ( Ministerio de Educación)

In the other hand, try to manage with Cambridge to repeat exams even paying new fees in order not to lose one year time.

To do that, I recomend you to speak with a group of parents and contract a barrister in Spain together to sue the owner at court, criminal and civil court, and manage with Cambridge and culture department.

Also you could ask for media help, callig papers and radio to denounce your case to get more help from spanish goberment.

I will be here if needed, thank you.

José M spanish solicitor, barrister.

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