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I purchased a property in spain around 18 months ago and did

Customer Question

I purchased a property in spain around 18 months ago and did some renovation work in the back garden putting in a swimming pool and a retaining wall the property next door (also a new build} was then sold by the builders they also carried out renovations including a swimming pool, over the last few weeks there have been traces of damp on there side of the retaining wall I built I have no problems my side they claim it is my responsibility to cure this problem as my ground is built up higher were do I stand, is the law you maintain your side I maintain mine or as I built the wall is it up to me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Spain Law
Expert:  José M. replied 1 year ago.

Hi there.

José M spanish solicitor.

In order to be sure where the damp comes you will need to contract a specilst inform.

With the inform you could sue the neighbour at court

Once we know that we have to spent dome money, we should study how we could save some

In order to save it, I recomend you to see your home insurance, here in Spain most insurances has legal coberture

If you have legal coberture, legal claains included, contact your insurance and tell them the problem

They will send you the specilist and you will save money, and if the damp comes from the other side, they will start the claim against them, and you will got your problem solved.

If you do not have the insurance coberture now, contract it and ster the procedure some months later.

I will be here if needed, thank you