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I would be grateful for some advice. My son is hoping to be

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Good afternoon. I would be grateful for some advice. My son is hoping to be a Professional Cyclist, he is currently in Majorca on a training camp with some other riders (aged 18-21). One of the other cyclists has a bad back and went to the local pharmacy where he was given Tramadol. Tramadol is a licenced drug in the UK but is available without prescription over the counter in Spain. Although not illegal to take it is considered 'bad form' for a cyclist to take Tramadol. The lad who was given the Tramadol by the pharmacy did not take any for this reason and the box remains unopened. He did however allow one of the other riders to take a photo of him holding the box of Tramadol. A few days later my son & the lad given the Tramadol had a falling out with the lad who took the photo and this lad posted the photo on social media - tagged my son's team and stated that the whole team use Tramadol. Although my son was not holding the Tramadol or was named specifically as you can imagine this has not gone down well with the team or the sponsors. The lad has now removed the post from social media but not before it was seen by a good few people. Can you advise what would be the best course of action to take as this lad has spread malious and totally false allegations. Can we demand he retracts them ? Many thanks

H​i, In your case I will try to forget the matter because its no a legal case. Nobody has made ilegal things and removing that by legal ways you could get nothing. Make sure social media erease the pictures, (if your right) and try to make the yime do all the rest. José M spanish atorney

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I have already spoken to a British Lawyer and they have confirmed that there is a case for defamation so we will be going ahead with court proceedings.

T​he problema is againts who are you going to go? Be carefull to spending money to lose it and get nothing. I am sorry to see you rate badly an honest advice. Have a good day

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
We will be issuing legal action against the person who posted malicious and false allegations on social media that will have a detrimental effect on my son's career for Libel. The posts were removed but not before they were seen and reposted by other people. We have copies of the posts and copies of messages received by my son from other people who read the posts calling him a cheat and accusing him of taking drugs. Libel is a criminal act in the UK.

Well Thats sound different If you have somebody who posted malicious and you can probe it, its a good advice. I believed that nobody posted on this way, to damage your son. If he do it just to damage him sue him at court. Its a good advice Also in Spain its a criminal act, but you can make it as a civil matter also. You can use the two ways, crminal or civil court. Have a good day

Remember you have to sue him here in Spain as the place the facts happend. You can no do it in UK. You have great UK lawyers here in Spain also

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
The posts were made in the UK not Spain.

W​ell, then you can sue them at court in UK as the facts take place there Thats great for you as you can use UK law and a UK lawyer

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