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Category: Structural Engineering
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My home was built 13 years ago and is situated near 3 large

Customer Question

My home was built 13 years ago and is situated near 3 large sycamore trees with tree preservation orders on them... We are now selling the property and the buyers mortgage company want a structural surveyors report on potential root problems. I have checked with the builder and he advises that the soil was sand/clay so has good drainage and the foundations are 1.5 m deep with double steel. I also contacted the local building inspector and he advises that root problems are more often than not on older houses when foundations/ building materials were not as good and that measures would have been in place so that the roots were not a problem as they would not sign a house off which had potential major flaws. Can anyone offer an opinion, I am worrying myself sick. This did not come up on our survey 3 years ago
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Structural Engineering
Expert:  StructuralEng replied 3 years ago.

StructuralEng : Clay does not have good drainage.
StructuralEng : The tree roots themselves row into the wall causing distress.
StructuralEng : If you don't see distress in the wall there may not be a problem. Have a structural engineer come out and assess your walls
JACUSTOMER-24szk3en- : I am very disappointed that I got a 3 line answer which offered no advice/ information other than get an engineer to assess
StructuralEng :

I would have been happy to have a discussion if you were online. With the information you provided, there was nothing more I could comment on. I told you that the potential root damage is not related to the drainage of the soil.

StructuralEng :

Good luck with your project