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We are buying a 1972 property where we have found a problem

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Hi - we are buying a 1972 property where we have found a problem with the ground floor concrete floor which has sunk. We have found a firm who say they can inject geo polymer resin into the floor to lift it. They give a 10 yr guarantee. Would you consider this to be the best way to remedy the problem and, in your opinion, would you there be another problem down the line?
That is a valid method to lifting the slab to get it level. Depending on the cause and if it's still active, it may not be the most cost effective solution. If the subgrade has been deteriorated and has voids below the slab, it is the best solution. If it's typical settlement and there are no voids, I would just poured a bonded topping slab to level it. It will be much less costly.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We have had a guy who specialises in slab lifting using geo polymer resin drill a hole in the floor. He has inserted a camera after the drill took 2ft to reach solid ground & this shows the sub-strata has broken up & there is a void showing. We therefore feel that this method of rectifying the problem would be the cleanest & least expensive - we have been quoted £4,500 + VAT to lift an area of 36 sq m. There is a guarantee of 10 yrs but, because we don't know of anyone who has had experience of this method, we are not sure whether this might deteriorate after the guarantee period. Your thoughts on this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.
A 10 year guarantee is good. If it continues to erode beneath the slab I would expect it to happen before 10 years. It is a viable and common repair and it sounds like the most appropriate for your condition
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Many thanks -we feel we are making the right decision.