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2 litre diesel (63000 miles) has engine warning light, parking

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2 litre diesel (63000 miles) has engine warning light, parking brake light and traction control lights illuminated and a flashing particulate filter light. Is this a common fault? Or is it many faults? What is the solution?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

My computer has been away for repair hence I've not responded before.

I've had my car to Subaru dealer. It turned out that the dPf was so clogged up the management system just turned on the various lights. The level of clogging was the highest the mechanic had ever seen, the regeneration should kick in at 40%, when mine reached 79% the management system gave up trying to regenerate the DPF. A forced regeneration was carried out and managed to recover the DPF otherwise it was over £25000 to replace. The car is going better now than when I bought it and I suspect there was a hidden fault when I bought it. I've only ever had a flashing DPF warning, never a solid illumination which is supposed to come first.

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Hello there -
My name is ***** ***** I was asked to come and help you with your issues - but I see you have it all sorted now.
What I did think was worth adding though to help you , is to ensure that you take the car on a good run - by that I mean - a run where you can open the car up.. running at over 50 mph in 4th gear for a few miles. What this does is gets the DPF very hot and helps to keep it clear. Not many people know about this idea - but its especially helpful for owners / drivers that do little mileage weekly... such as town driving etc. The DPF clogs too often when driven like that and can get costly... So bear that in mind above.. do that weekly / fortnightly depending on the mileage you do and it will seriously extend the times that you have to pay to have it attended too.
I hope that helps you further..
Very kind rgds, MIKE.
Mike, Subaru Mechanic
Category: Subaru
Satisfied Customers: 39198
Experience: Tech Expert
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