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My nephew who is abit immature purchased a second hand car

Customer Question

Hi my nephew who is abit immature purchased a second hand car off an ebay garage last dec 2016 and withing the first week the turbo went
The main local dealership Subaru charged him £1600 + and now its broken down just a couple of months later with the main bearings gone
Totally undrivable and the dealership have quoted him £7500 for a new engine !!
Hes spent up on all of this has no money to purchase another car whcih he desparately needs for work
From reading some of the threads on the internet about common problems it seems like these 2 problems often go hand in hand ie turbo and engine failure
Im not a mechanic and trying to make sense of all this as i wish to take this up with several parties on his behalf
I feel morally the garage should have informed him better when they did the work and now to quote 7500 for further work on a 2008 model with high milage seems like a total insult to my way of thinking
Surely they should have some moral obligation here as the car is a total write off and he definitely does nothave 7500 more to spend out on it
Any advice would be appreciated as i feel morally they should reimburse him for the turbo ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Subaru
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.


most proper car dealers will have a 30 day warrenty in place under the sale of goods act, however if your nephew signed anything on a bill of sale or receipt that states 'sold as seen' then the garage have no obligation to fix anything the minute you drive off their forecourt

so thats the 1st thing to pursue for the cost of the replacement turbo / arguably the whole car although the latter will be more difficult.

I'd agree that the 2nd garage / dealership should have mentioned the possible engine damage post a turbo change however its not the case that every turbo failure will result in engine issues so they are not under any obligation to do so

a cheaper option for repair also would be to consider the fitment of a good used engine block from a specialist breakers

this should work out a lot cheaper than £7500

I'd also use an independent garage to do any work as their labour charge will typically be 2/3rds to half that of a dealers

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Well luckily Ive got the selling garage to take it back and refund his original 2500 but this doesnt account for the other 2 k spent on turbo and new tyres
Also he has to pay now to get the car recovered to the original seller so at least anther 200
My issue remains with the main dealership who i feel are morally obliged ged to mention the other possible damage as you say post turbo
There is a ton of info on the internet about this ie mechanics chat rooms etc
Can you give me any more clout ie info i can use to see if Subaru as a goodwill gesture would refund him anything of the 1600 hes paid out to them
He needs to recoup as much as he can as he needs to get a car to drive
Incidentally the selling garage would have been happy for him to take the new turbo out and the new wheels off and return it
( nit possible in the timescale and he's obviously not a mechanic )
Yes agree breakers yard engine independent garage etc but no time now as warrently expires next weds
Also very few engines about and they are asking a couple K on ebay etc as well also then would need putting in
Sitting in car park at mo as cant be moved
So only joy is really some kind of reimbursement for work done
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.


this will be tricky

I'd suggest the best route is to contact Subaru customer care directly and put your case to them

0121(###) ###-####/p>

as the dealer will have a vested interest to deny you any claim but the customer service will outrank them and if you get their agreement for at least a contribution, perhaps they would provide the labour to remove the new articles ( turbo & tyres) so you could then sell these on