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Gary, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Subaru
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Experience:  Senior Technician at Motorama City Holden
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Listening to the radio in my subaru outback. Fell asleep.

Customer Question

Listening to the radio in my subaru outback. Fell asleep. ..after about half an hour the radio shuts off automatically... lights horn windows etc all work so the battery appears to have a charge but the ignition just clicks an dashboard lights flash. I also don't think it's the battery as it's happened before and if I leave it a few hours it starts fine...unfortunately I need to get home sooner than that tonight to look after babies! Any ideas?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Subaru
Expert:  Gary replied 11 months ago.

Hello there,

Lots of cars will do this.

The battery goes low enough, that a no crank condition occurs.

The battery recovers enough to start the car after sitting for a while.

Do you have a jump battery to prove this, if it happens again?


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Although it may be a technically correct answer. this response came about 20 hours too late and didn't get me home last night.Thought this was supposed to be a rapid response website and that's why i shelled out money.I want that back now.Thanks
Expert:  Gary replied 11 months ago.

Hi again,

Sometimes a tech expert might not be available to answer your question from your country. So in our case, I'm in Australia, hence some time difference.

You can see your response back took longer.