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Hi my brother had a partial brain bleed three months ago. he

Customer Question

Hi my brother had a partial brain bleed three months ago.
he is a lorry driver so cannot work. He is liveing on saveings at the moment.
saveings about twelve thousand pounds and he has a goverment bond for £20.000
He gets around £90.00 a week from his employer.
Is he entitled to get any help from the goverment?
He has worked for the last twenyt two years in the same job so all his stamps will
be up to date..Also would he be entitled to reclaim any tax paid.?
I dont think he will be well eneough to go back to work for at least another year and I am worried for him that he will spend all his saveings and then not be able to meet his bills.
Best Regards
Charles Pearson.
P.s My brother is 55
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Sam replied 4 years ago.

Hi Charles


Thanks for your question


I am sorry to hear of the struggle your brother has been facing.


As he is still officially employed by his employer then I am afraid that most benefits will not be due for claiming, however, there might be scope for a claim for Disability Living Allowance, although this will be dependent on how much care your brother still needs, either with personal care, or mobility.

But I have added a link here

This gives a more in depth detail, as to the eligibility considerations, along with rates payable, and how to make a claim, and this is not means tested (so his savings will have no detrimental affect on any valid claim)


But I am afraid housing benefit, council tax (other than single adults discount which might apply if he lives alone) employment and support allowance, are not going to produce a valid claim, all the time his savings are in excess of £12,000 and savings between £8000 and £12,000 see a reduced claim.


As far as tax refunds are concerned, the employer would have considered this each payroll run, when paying the £90 sickness benefit, and you may find that some tax is being repaid from deductions made since April 2013 to the date of the last full pay. So do ask the employer, if you are unable to establish whether this is the case from your brothers payslips.


I am sorry the news is not more favourable.


Do feel free to ask any follow up questions.