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I went bankrupt on 27th june this year, my taxes run april

Customer Question

I went bankrupt on 27th june this year, my taxes run april to april, i haven't yet filed a return for 2012-2013 and have received a letter from hmrc saying all amounts owed to them up to and including the year to 5th april 2014 in the bankruptcy claim.
Do i have to file my 2012-2013 online return still?

The letter states they will send me a paper return to fill in for 2013-2014 although that amount seems to be included in the bankruptcy also.
can you make this a little bit clearer for me?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Sam replied 4 years ago.



Thanks for your question


Assuming you have declared bankruptcy after 06/04/2013


Yes the 2012/2013 return still needs to be filed but ideally this should have already been done so that any tax owed was included in the bankruptcy. Is there a reason you have delayed in doing this prior to filing for bankruptcy?


Then for 2013/2014 (so after 05/004/2014) you will have two tax returns

1) From 06/04/2013 to the date of bankruptcy and

2) With a new Unique taxpayer reference from the date of bankruptcy to 05/04/2014

Then you will fill in tax returns each year after - if your income requires it - such as self employment


If, however you made bankrupt in 2012/2013 then two returns for 2012/2013 instead again

1) from 05/04/2012 to date of bankruptcy and

2) from date of bankruptcy to 05/04/2013


And then self assessment tax return as normal thereafter if you remain still in receipt of the same income (such as self employment)


HMRC then do NOT pursue you for any of the tax that might have been due during the whole tax year in which bankruptcy arose, but the position regarding 2012/2013 creates a problem as this clearly would not have been included in the bankruptcy order as the figures for that complete year would not have been known and should have been identified, so you may need to contact the organisation that dealt with your bankruptcy to establish the position with them for 2012/2013.




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks, as i mentioned above the bankrupcy date was 24th june 2013 so its the first case you mention?


The reason I didn't file the 2012-2013 return before was because the cause for the bankruptcy was a loss of an income so the profit for that year is well below the threshold for paying tax. i am a self employed builder and continue to trade

Expert:  Sam replied 4 years ago.



Thanks for your response


Then get that return is straight away for 2012/2013 online - and then after 05/04/2014 you will have two tax returns to fill in (which both will have to be paper returns)

1) from 06/04/2013 to 26/06/2013 and

2) from 27/06/2013 to 05/04/2014


Then after this (2014/2015) you can go back to filing online as usual with the new unique taxpayer reference (so you will need to reregister for HMRCs free online services with the new unique taxpayer reference)