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I iown one house that was my family home. I have let my daughter

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I iown one house that was my family home. I have let my daughter live in it with her children since I lost mobility and have lived in my boyfriends flat for the past five years. Do I have to pay capital gains tax if I sell to my daughter?
If you were able to see on the HMRC site you most likely read where even if you didn't live in your home for all of the time that you owned it, you may still be entitled to the full amount of Private Residence Relief.
The final 36 months (three years) that you own it will be treated as if you lived there, even if you didn't.
As you were only really "away" from your home for 2 years out of the actual 5 you would not have to pay CGT on the sale.
Follow up
Another expert advised that "There could be CGT liabilty depending on the chargeable gain (for 2 out of 5 years) after gains allowance."
So depending on how much you sell the property for you may have to report some gain.
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