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I have a potential client from Russia who runs a company based

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I have a potential client from Russia who runs a company based in Israel. They manufacture a rubberised extender which is added to hot asphalt for sealing roads and potholes under any weather conditions.

They are looking to set up a European/world HQ and want to know which jurisdiction would be suitable as a base tax dividends, IP revenues, etc. They thinking of Ireland, Cyprus, or Holland perhaps? Your advice would be appreciated.

Tony Fitzpatrick [email protected]
Hello Tony, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.

I would have thought a tax haven like the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar would be obvious candidates and rather closer to home. Of course there are also the Turks and Cocos Islands and other more exotic locations overseas.

Here are some comparison Corporation Tax (CT) figures for you:

Ireland - 12.5%
Holland - 25%, so that's out!
Cyprus - 12.5%
Jersey - 0 to 10%, but effectively 0% unless you are a financial services company.
Isle of Man - 0%, 10% on profits over GBP 500,000.
Gibraltar - 0%, if no local bank account.

Of course operating overseas doesn't come cheap. It's big business in tax havens, they know it and charge. What with local directors, registered offices etc the bills do rack up!

I do hope I have been of some help to you in this short canter through some possibilities.
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