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Hi, Some of my charitable donations have been made without

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Some of my charitable donations have been made without the declaration for Gift Aid, despite being eligible. Is it possible to either record these on my return, or to use them in a calculation to limit my liability to zero and thus avoid having to complete a return?


I'm afraid that there is no mechanism to claim tax relief for charitable donations made outside the Gift Aid scheme or a payroll giving scheme. The self-assessment tax return itself only asks for Gift Aid donations. There are some notes on the Gift Aid scheme here.

If you didn't normally complete a tax return, you would need to send the Gift Aid certificate to the tax office to claim tax relief at the higher tax rates. In order to qualify for basic rate tax relief, you need to have paid income tax of at least an equivalent amount as the amount of tax reclaimed bythe charity.

I hope this clarifies your position but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX clarify- if for example I know that I have taxable income of 10k at the end of a tax year and make a 10k donation, deliberately not making the gift aid declaration, would it reduce my liability to zero and mean I would not have to complete a return?
Whether you make gift aid donations or not does not determine whether you need to complete a tax return or not.

A charitable cash gift made outside the gift aid scheme will not entitle you to any tax relief at all so it would not reduce your liability to £0.

If you donate £80 to charity through the gift aid scheme, the charity will be able to reclaim £20 from the tax office unless you haven't paid at least £20 in tax. In that case, you will have to pay £20 tax or the charity will not be able to make a tax repayment claim.
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