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Spouse Visa

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I am a offshore yacht captain, British UK resident not employed in the UK. Hit a wall trying to get a spouse visa for my wife who is from Israel. My contract is for the vessel British virgin islands, paid in euro. Which category do I come under for the appendix 2 application? Can you help? I declare my earnings to the uk government and file a self assessment every year through a accounting team for seamans tax

Hello, I'm Keith and I'll try to help you with your question. This is not a tax question although it is in the tax category and I can't get it moved to Immigration law!


I know exactly the predicament in which you find yourself as I married a Thai lady in 2000 and had the devil's own job getting her an UK Entry Clearance, eventually having to write to my MP for help, it worked! At her Embassy interview it was rubber stamped in 20 seconds!


So I have the form on my screen, which bit are you stuck on?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Keith,


Thank you for your response. I did not intend this to be a tax question. I need advise for the laws on immigration and the spouse visa.


If you can help that would be great.


The problem I have is I do not have a contract in the UK showing I work in the UK. On the form it states I need to be living and working in the UK. As I am a seaman and work offshore, do you know how I can proceed with the application. I do live in the UK but work away from home half the year. My contract is BVI and get paid Euro.


Surely they cannot refuse us the visa because I choose to work on ships?


We have spent the last 4 months putting a file together, Yaara is from Israel and has passed all the english tests. We've provided letters, bank statements for 12 months, photo's, proof myself owning 2 properties in the UK etc etc.


On the vaf4a2 appendix 2 Q3.3. I can't tick any of the boxes as they do not relate to me.


Is there a way around this? I can prove I live in the UK and that I declare my tax, but the contract I have is British Virgin Islands.


Thank you Keith


Don't you believe it. Question to Thai lady asked at the Embassy, 'What is your husband's favourite composer? The Thai lady didn't know what the word 'composer' meant and could not answer, entry clearance immediately refused. To that question my wife answered 'He hates music' and in the immortal words of Eric Morecambe, there's no answer to that!

I am researching the form which I note is provided by the UK Border Agency, another UK basket case department whose agents are so useless there are sometimes 2 hour queues for Brits to get into their own country at Heathrow. I came into my usual airport on the day they went on strike and was handled faster and more efficiently than when they were there themselves! My immediate reaction is that you are going to have to fudge it and put in an explanatory note at box 5.1. I would be inclined to put yourself down as self employed, there isn't any other route available.

From a lifetime of filling in forms does that help?
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Thank you for your support. I hope the application is ultimately successful.