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my wife works for the county for 4 days a week as a peripatetic

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my wife works for the county for 4 days a week as a peripatetic music teacher, she earns aprox £25k PA and pays tax and NI via the county. In September 2013 she started working in a private school for 1 day a week on a self employed basis (as well as wroking for the county)her estimated profit by from September 2013 March 31st 2104 is going to be approximately £3000.

When is she due to pay tax on this? do we complete a self assessment after March 2014 and pay in one lump sum then or would it be after March 2015 for year ending March 2014?

With regard to NI, Class 2, class 4 or not at all, how much and is it done via the same self assessment as tax or is it a separate issue?

HMRC website is just a minefield

Your wife should register as self-employed which she can do here. She will be issued with a 10 digit UTR (Universal Tax Reference) and a tax return after 5 April 2014. If she wishes she can use the HMRC site to complete and submit her tax return. She can register for online services here but not until she has received her UTR. The deadlines for submission of the tax return can be found here.

Any tax and Class 4 NIC due for 2013/14 will be payable on 31 January 2015. If the liability is less than £3,000 and the tax return is submitted online to the tax office by 30 December 2014, your wife can if she wishes to have it collected via the 2015/16 tax coding which will be operated against her regular salary.

Class 2 NIC is charged at a flat rate of £2.70 per week. This is usually paid by direct debit. You can read about Class 2 NIC here.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok thanks for this, so I guess the self assessment will take into account both her county salary and self employed income at a guess? so we will need her P60 to get the values of tax paid etc to go on the SA form and then add the detail of her self employement, which I guess will be income, expenditure and travel expenses? so she then gets taxed on the profit.?

however who / what decides if we are paying the right amount of NI? if she is earning under the £7k threshold do we just say / fill in nothing, or is there a declaration somewhere that we fill in then we are advised what we need to pay?

The tax return should disclose all your wife's taxable income including her regular salary. If she incurs expenses in her self-employment, they can be claimed in the tax return.

If the tax return is completed online, the HMRC computer will automatically calculate the tax and NIC. If the return is completed on paper and submitted to the tax office by 31 October 2014, the tax office will issue a paper tax calculation SA302. Either way, HMRC will issue a statement and a payslip which can be used to pay the tax.

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