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What is a Form/Letter ref OCA93, please? I have made an OCA91

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What is a Form/Letter ref OCA93, please? I have made an OCA91 clim - which is an In-year repayment claim re: a redundancy payment.
Just spoken to HMRC, but 'processing' have sent me an OCA93 is all the information I can get - no 'decision'/'more info required'....but it could take two weeks. Any help gratefully appreciated.
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.

Nor do I, as according to HMRC there is no such form! You have claimed a repayment in the year correctly using an OCA91. If they want more information which seems to be the case here it is because they require to know your pay and tax deductions post the payment of your redundancy. If you are claiming or have claimed Job Seeker's Allowance your P45 will have gone into the Job Centre and this has the effect of paying you any overpaid tax on the last Giro at the year end which is but 3 weeks away.

The first GBP 30,000 of your redundancy payment is free of tax.You may find yourself waiting until later in the month.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Keith - they have all information about in-year 2013/2014 paid employment income; benefits (nil); interest; divis; expenses etc. I provided this on the OCA 91 form. I could not claim JSA, because I did not pay a full two years worth of NI (had prev been made redundant in Spring 2012). Prior to that c. 30 years of NI paid without a blip...but such is 'the system'...! The issue is - they indeed use this OCA91 data and calculated a tax refund and sent it to me - but this was for 'usual' overpaid tax outwith the redundancy amount. They did not allow 0% tax rate on the redundancy payment which is c.£28k. - it was lumped in with 40% calc. In a call last week - the girl at HMRC totally got my point, that the whole point was to claim the tax back on my lump sum, and referred it back to "Processing" area of HMRC. I looked all over HMRC site and Google but could not see reference to an OCA 93 - thus my question, which I guess remains unanswered. I guess I will just have to be patient and wait for their letter. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX

What I would recommend is that you write to HMRC point out that your redundancy payment has been incorrectly taxed and that you would like this corrected. Keep the pressure on your tax office. They may well require to self assess for 13/14 after 5 April.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes - I was going to do this, but was told I would only be sent a form OCA91 to complete. I think I'll just await their letter. If it is a 'more info' letter - then I will go to print, as they have made a significant error and need to correct, post-haste. Although I don't think 'post-haste' is in their vocabulary! Yes - the closer we get to 5/4/14 - the more accurate this will all be.

Yes, celerity does not appear to form part of MMRC's vocabulary unless, of course, you owe them money in which case you are expected to settle by yesterday teatime!
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Thank you for your support. I do hope everything comes out all right for you in the end.