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have a utr number but have not reseved a tax return in 11

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have a utr number but have not reseved a tax return in 11 years
Your UTR is the 10 digit number HMRC gives to you when you register as self-employed. Contractors use an on-line system to tell HMRC of the monthly payments they make to their subcontractors (you).
HMRC system then looks for your UTR on its list of registered subcontractors; it will then tell the employer what tax deduction to use.
Most ‘labour only’ subcontractors will have tax deducted at a flat rate of 20%. If 30% tax is deducted from your pay, you should contact HMRC and make sure that you are correctly registered as self-employed and as a CIS subcontractor.
You'll still need to pay tax and NICs on your payments later through your self assessed tax return, but HMRC will set any deductions that have already been made from your payments against this bill.
When you registered with HMRC, you would normally have received a letter, usually in April or May, telling you to when you need to send your first return. HMRC may have sent something earlier if you needed to send a tax return back for a previous tax year. If you haven't received a letter or a tax return, you should contact HMRC.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

how do i go about contacting them as i dont know the prosess

HMRC has many ways to contact so I will give you the url for the page that has all their contact information (that will be easier for you)

Copy and paste the above please in your address bar because unfortunately my ability to make a link today is not working.
The system advised you posted again Christian after I gave you the information but I am not seeing anything else.
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