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I have been involve with a longstanding dispute with the Inland

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I have been involve with a longstanding dispute with the Inland revenue for 12 years about a Vat bill i'm disputing which they now are saying they are taking me to court which is what I wanted them to do in the first place ! for 2 of them years I have withheld paying my self assessment tax for that purpose which they have added together with the old disputed VAT bill of 22k and self assessment of 27k making a total of 49k I would need some one to represent me as I doubt I could put my case to the courts sufficiently. Can you recommend some one who could represent me please

Hello Paul, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.


Just Answer rules preclude me from recommending any practitioner, but you certainly should be represented by a trusted, local solicitor with a thorough knowledge of taxation matters. It won't come cheap, though, be warned, especially if counsel has to be briefed


HMRC do not like people mixing taxes like Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and VAT. However some years ago, in an industrial dispute, some taxpayers did exactly that, offsetting one against the other and the courts supported them saying that it was all owed to the Government anyway, so hard cheese the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise as they were then


Hope I have been able to help, albeit limited. Don't try to do this alone; too much money is at stake.

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