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Are automated external defibrillators fully tax dedutable

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Are automated external defibrillators fully tax dedutable
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.

Are you referring to VAT or other taxes? I need your reply before I can respond to your question.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I need to know if the cost is tax deductible against profits.

I understand that if I lease the AED I can deduct from tax on profits.


Perfectly correct Kevin. If the AED is required wholly and exclusively for your business then its lease charges may be set against profits thus reducing your tax exposure. The term 'wholly and exclusively' is the standard test for tax deductible expenses.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Keith,


What if I outright purchased AED rather than leased?



Kevin, not quite the same, it would be classed as an item of plant and machinery attracting capital allowances instead of being set against profits. As the Annual Investment Allowance is currently 100% and is set against profits after the trading balance has been struck the result is the same, the profit level is reduced, but this time by slightly more as you have spent more having bought the item outright.

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