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Sam, Accountant
Category: Tax
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Hi I work as a touring different countries.i am

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I work as a touring different countries.i am a british citizan
But dont have a home in the uk. Or any other country.every 4 weeks i travel to a different country
In the EU and also outside the EU.

Thanks for your question

From what country are you paid, and do you have any other ties with the UK other than you are a British Citizen.
For example, spouse, children of school age, or a property that you own but maybe rent out, or are you are paid from the UK.

Also please advise when this work started, and what you have been doing with respect to tax up to this point.
And finally, do you visits the UK for holidays, if so how long do you stay and where do you stay?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I get paid from every country i work in

I dont have a spouse anywhere.i dont have any homeless.hence why i travel and work as an international escort.i have no school age children ..i only stay in each country for about 4weeks.when in the uk i work and i visit friends and family and stay with them

I currently pay my tax in uk.they no i dont have a fixed abode and use my accountants addressfor contact


Thanks for your response and the detailed information.

Then you will remain liable to UK tax, as we all have to pay tax some where, and in the absence of having any one fixed place to call home, or one fixed payment from which your income derives, then your relationship as a UK citizen is correct.

And you are doing the right thing, by using your UK accountant as your mailing address for all correspondence and tax obligations.

I would imagine your expenses are quite high with all the travelling around you do, and along with the continued entitlement to UK personal allowances, will minimise much of the tax position.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

To pay tax in the uk

I thought i had to be in uk for at least 183 days a year.which i am not.which makes me a non resident

My expenses are higher than my taxable imcome.

As i have to work from hotels

Hi Abbey

Thanks for your response

Yes under normal circumstances, the days in the UK are reviewed to establish whether a UK tax liability arises, and that time limit is when an individual spends more than 91 days in the UK, but then its usually possible to see that the UK tax liability sits with another countries jurisdiction, due to time spent elsewhere.

If your case, you are in no one country for more than a few weeks, so you have no residency to determine your tax position, so in the absence of this, HMRC can ask they take on the liability position, due to your citizen status.
But HMRC have to work on what can logically be feasible, which I am sure you can appreciate.

So the advise and the obligations that your accountant undertakes for you, is correct. And if your expenses are higher than your income - then you have no actual tax bill arising anyway, but this way it makes you sure you remain with the tax system.

Your other option is, each year review which country you spent most time in for that specific tax year - and file a return in that country but I would imagine with the differing tax year dates, and the fact each country has its own taxation obligations and forms, along with any language issues, that this would prove to be one big headache for you. So this keeps it simple -

If you can establish a tax liability in another country then there would be no need to file UK self assessment on the basis that you are not resident, but until that time, I am afraid, as I first advised in my response, we all have to pay tax somewhere.

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