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I have a question on the Irish tax system. I am resident

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I have a question on the Irish tax system.

I am resident in Ireland as I spend more than 183 days there.
I am not ordinary resident of Ireland because I have just moved my work from the UK in April 2013.
I will become ordinary resident after 3 years of tax residency in Ireland.
As a resident of Ireland but not ordinary resident I pay NO irish income tax on income earned and not remitted from overseas.

I incur expenses whilst in the UK, Ireland and Africa, I keep receipts but pay with whichever currency the bill is in from my international account in The Isle of Man

I then charge these expenses in Euros to my employer (registered in Bahamas) who refund them into my Irish account. I am worried that this may be considered remitting funds into Ireland and hence they expenses will be taxed.
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.

Have a look at IT 54, Employees' Subsistence Expenses, which you can find on the Internet with any good search engine. This is the Irish Government's guide to business expenses which do not attract tax. There is a very useful section regarding records which I feel you will find essential in keeping track of these items. Quite frankly I see nothing abnormal in the Irish State's approach to legitimate business expenditure. It's exactly what one might expect.

I don't think that you need to worry yourself over this, but please keep full and accurate records to support your receipts in the event of some future query. I do hope I have helped you in this matter.
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