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When completing my Tax Return for 2012-2013 I was self-employed

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When completing my Tax Return for 2012-2013 I was self-employed and, based on my earnings for that year, HMRC insisted upon a Payment on Account against my 2013-2014 Tax and it was a substantial sum which I paid along with my 2012-2013 tax. I ceased to be Self-Employed on 31st December 2012 and have been part of a PAYE system since January 2013 so my question is:

When I complete my self-assessment for 2013-2014 my expectation is that I will get the Payment on Account money refunded with interest, as my earnings since January 2013 have all been on a PAYE basis and so I will have no tax payment to make for that element?
HMRC would make your repayment. HMRC will repay any tax that you've overpaid, together with any interest that you're entitled to.
If you file your tax return online, the figures are worked out for you automatically. You'll find out straight away how much tax you'll get back.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, thank you, XXXXX XXXXX question was whether my understanding is correct i.e. based on the information above do you agree that when I complete the self-assessment then I will be due a full refund of this payment? I know that I'll get the definitive answer when the form is completed.

You would get a full refund (based on your self employment having no income at all and no activity).
Your understanding of your situation is correct. The interest too would apply.

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