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Advice on UK residency and tax liability We are both

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Advice on UK residency and tax liability

We are both retired and are planning to be out of the country for the next 3years traveling .
We understand the 91 days with only 30 in one residence in UK but are not to sure on the status for living abroad .
We leave on the 2nd of July 2014 and will have not spent more then 30 days in one address in uk in tax year 14/15 . After this date we will be travelling through lots of different countries with only 2 long term stays of over 30 days one in September 2014 in peru when we plan on renting an apartment . The next over 30day stop will be in america after April 15may .

My question is does an apartment of 30 days in another country count as non residency address ?
Regards Sue
Hi Sue

Thanks for your question
I am Sam and am one of the UK tax experts here on Just Answer.

As far as the UK tax position is concerned, it only concentrates on time spent in the UK, and the ties that remain, and I should advise that the continuing ties, then determine how many permitted days you can have in the UK to maintain non residency for UK tax purposes.

So if you wish to clarify this please advise
1) What time you envisage spending (if at all) in the UK between the date you leave the UK and finally return after the three year travelling
2) Will you retain property in the UK - and will any visits back to the UK within these three years see you staying there - and within that, any of them exceed 30 days
3) Will you have any other ties in the UK (children under 18)

The final position that needs considering is even if you are established to be not resident, as we all have to pay tax somewhere - and you do not plan to maintain a residence anywhere else during this time - and although you advise that you have two long stays planned, one in Peru and the other in USA - these do not constitute you as resident for either of these countries tax jurisdictions, and also have no bearing on the UK tax position.

But, as we all have to pay tax somewhere, and you will remain entitled to UK tax free personal allowances, your income (I assume made up of pensions) will need to remain considered for tax in the UK

Finally if you do have a property that will you retain in the UK - do you plan to rent this out? As you will need to alert HMRC of this income, that will be liable to UK tax.

If I have no covered the issue you needed answering, then please advise further, or feel free to ask any follow up questions.



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