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Hello My Company had to pay me money which They did owe me

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My Company had to pay me money which They did owe me from last year, togheter with my monthly payment this month.They paid me those money but also deducted very high amount of tax and insurance. I use to pay around £70 for tax and £60 NIN..this month is £378 and £247.Seems like they did charge me as i would be earning £2724 a month,and i am earning only around £1000.Should They tax those money separate (my monthly wage and what They owed me ) or They done right thing by adding all togheter and tax it...?
The amount of tax withheld would have been a shock especially when you are use to a lower rate.
The amount paid you would still be taxed under PAYE tax code you were given base don your allowances. Your employer includes it on your payslip with the rest of your pay.
I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX information is helpful and I understand your concern on paying a high amount.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My old code was 944L, for this year is 1000L

I still cannot understand why i paid so much tax,should

not be add togheter as this month was 5 weeks payment

i should get £1200 after tax,because They paid me money

they owe me i was taken away those extra £200 and £ 400

from money They did owe to me,by adding those two payments

togheter i paid more tax,then i would pay by having them separate.

Was Their misteake to not give me what they should...

I understand your frustration and even more that the mistake was theirs in the beginning for not paying you correctly.
The amount of pay though would need to be added to your total earnings.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My total was £2724.98

PAYE £378

NIN £ 247.44


Is this right what They charged me then ?

Per my calculations yes, the PAYE would be 378.18 and NI would be 249 (which they have a little less but that could be due to rounding).
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