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Sam, Accountant
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I just got told that i am over a certain tax bracket and have

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I just got told that i am over a certain tax bracket and have to submit self assessment tax forms? what does this mean as i am not a citizen here (South African)?

Thanks for your question, I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts here on Just Answer.

Do you have any income that arises in the UK, such as income from rents, or employment (where you are paid for the UK) If so how much per year.
Do you live in the UK (even if you are not a UK citizen)


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Sam,
I live in the UK, since 2007, and have worked here in two different companies since May 2007.
I recently was told that i had gone over a Tax bracket and have to submit self assessment forms for tax. My salary went up to £75K (Annually) and i also received a bonus of £35K which has all had tax paid on it before being paid to me (Which was painfully high Frown )

I am just not aware of why i have to submit tax forms, where to start and what does it mean to submit self assessment forms (do i have to pay more tax now??? etc...


Hi Jonathan

Thanks for your response and the additional information.

We have two reason here for the need for your to be completing self assessment tax returns, First though let me reassure you that many employees have to complete these, and the reasons this will apply to you is set out below.

As you are a resident in the UK and your income is in excess of £42,475, you are paying tax in the 40% tax bracket - (up to 05/04/2014 - first £9440 is tax free, then the next £33,025 at 20% and anything between £330.36 and £149,999 at 40% and then anything in excess of £150,000 at 50%)
However there is another issue, and that affects anyone whose income for the year is in excess of £100,000 and with your salary of £75K and the bonus of £35K, which totals £110K this then affects the personal allowances you are entitled to.
For every £2 you are over the £100K threshold, your personal allowance reduces by £1 - so you had been (for 2013/2014 awarded £9440 allowances, and your income is £10,000 is excess of the £100,000 threshold, so the excess of £10,000 see a reduction in your personal allowances of £5000 -
The £5000 will need to be deducted from the £9440 leaving you with an entitlement of just £4440 allowances
This will mean you do owe HMRC some more tax - which will equate to £5000 x 40% = £2000
And HMRC need you to complete self assessment so they can ensure that all incomes and all allowances are considered (keeps all the information in one place) but I must stress - self assessment itself does not mean that you owe tax as a result of completing it, but your income position does mean that.
But this also allows HMRC to consider any other incomes you might have, such as investment income, or income from abroad, and consider additional tax reliefs for any gift aid or pension payments (after tax) you have made.

I know you are already suffering a high level of tax, which I can appreciate is painfully high, but this is just to ensure that the personal allowance position is corrected - as HMRC could not have known in advance, that you were going to receive a bonus that saw your total income in excess of £100,000 for the year.

Any tax you owe will either need to be p[aid by 31/01/2015 OR you can request that it is collected through your tax code number for 2015/2016 (so next tax year) which will then see you paying 1/12th of it back a month.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Sam,

This is all very helpful - as someone who is not familiar with tax and the tax laws, i have no idea where to start to do any of the above mentioned.

Do i just download the forms online and then send them to the HMRC or would you recommend having a tax consultant check them before i submit them. I am told that there are many questions on the forms themselves that i will not be able to answer or even know what they are talking about?


I don't have any other income from any other source.

Would it be wise to find a tax consultant to do check and submit these annually for me, or could i just fill them in and the HMRC will let me know what is wrong with them?



Thanks for your response

You have two choices
1) Ask HMRC to send you a paper self assessment tax return - which they will post to you and you have to have this back to HMRC no later than 31/10/2014 - you can print these from the HMRC website
Link here

OR you can file online using HMRCs free online services - which you can do here - but make sure you have been issued with the 10 digit unique taxpayer reference first.

this then allows HMRC to issue you with an activation code, to access self assessment - and you need to file the online version no later than 31/01/2015 UNLESS you want the tax owed to be collected in your 2015/2016 tax code, in which case your deadline is 31/12/2014

HMRC work on the basis of process now and check later, this means they rely on the fact you have sent them the correct information, so maybe for the first year, it would be an idea to have a tax expert to go through it with you, or you can always come back to Just Answer, and I would be happy to guide you through either the paper or online process, and just ask for me "Sam Tax" in your new post.

I agree that some of the questions are confusing, but the position is, if you do not understand what it is asking you , there is a high chance it is not relevant to you, and based on what you advise, you will just have the initial questions to answer on the tax return (and this applies whether its a paper one or an online version) then you will just have the employment page - the information from which you get from your P60 (and if you have any company benefits, such as a car or medical benefit - then form P11d from your employer)

If you have any follow up questions, please do feel free to ask, but it would be appreciated if you could rate the level of service I have provided, as this ensures I am credited for my time.



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