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Hello, I am in a mess. In December 2012 the tax collection

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I am in a mess. In December 2012 the tax collection people contacted me an gave me "no time" to the best of recollection, to pay my outstanding taxes - about £ 15,000. Could not do it but the asked if I had credit cards - which I did and they took about £ 9,000 - which removed me from a "high priority" list and then agreed that I pay £ 300 per month - which I did since 1st January 2013 - last payment was 8 April 2014.
There are so many tax offices - made payments previously to Bradford, Worthing etc - all quite confusing as you agree with one centre and then another pops up demanding. payment.
After the agreement in December 2012, I completed the 2010-2011 assessment - which they returned because they wanted more details on capital gains. I completed the attachment and sent it back about 2 weeks later.
Last week I called them following a call from a debt firm acting on behalf of HMRC. It was for a fine (I think for not presenting the 2010-11 assessment). I said it was sent and the acknowledge receiving first set but not the completed part of the capital gains.
My business ceased in 2012 ( with my only customer for last 28 years - been going downhill since 2005) and my situation is dire.
I have managed to get going again but my current income barely covers my bills - though it is moving in an upward direction ( total income of about £3100 with a mortgage of £ 2,376 ).
Any advise will help - at least mentally!
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.

There is a long way to go yet. Debt collectors are always very keen to stress bad credit ratings, bankruptcy, bailiffs, prison [debtors prisons went out in Dicken's time], death penalties, but conveniently fail to mention that before any of that they have to go to court. With your payment history most District Judges would take a rather dim view of what has happened and the way you are being treated. You should have long ago gone for a Creditors Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) or if HMRC would not play opted for bankruptcy. Then any debt collection is dead in the water and you are in control of your finances again.

These days fines are automatically generated by computer for late submissions of returns or payments. You must get those outstanding annual assessments in as soon as you can, but I see you have that in hand. These days it is vital that you keep up to date.

You should approach your tax office with a view to a meeting to arrange affordable monthly settlement. Some experts will tell you that HMRC are always reasonable in such matters, but experience shows their attitude is invariably aggressive, unhelpful and confrontational; an attitude of pay in full now or face the consequences. I know of a case where an Inspector actually demanded immediate cash payment for tax which was not even due!

You just have to keep plugging away batting back letters and statements which are patently untrue like failing to submit your 10/11 assessment. It can be an exhausting experience, but keep the nose to the grindstone. The fact that you are ill should be emphasised and that the current treatment you are receiving is tantamount to aggression and bullying.

You should really consult with a local trusted solicitor as to your options, CVA or bankruptcy [rather extreme] to get everyone off your case. You are going to use a lot of 53p stamps! I do hope I have given you some good advice.
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Thank you for your support.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello bigduckontax,


I have reviewed your response and rated you. Thank you very much

Pleased to be of assistance.