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Sam, Accountant
Category: Tax
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as I have not found any work yet am not seeking unemployment

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as I have not found any work yet am not seeking unemployment credits and or jobseekers allowance any chance of a tax rebate ?.

Thanks for for further question and for asking for me.

Tax rebates work on the basis that you have tax free allowances unused AND have paid tax.

As you are already aware the position for 2013/2014 (to 05/042014) has resulted in your owing some tax having used up all your quota of personal tax free allowances) so, whilst since 06/04/2014, (this new tax year) you are not making use of the entitlement of these tax free allowances, as no tax has yet been suffered, no rebate will arise.

But when you recommence employment - then you will find you will be allocated the unused allowances since 06/04/2014 - which will in essence allow you to earn more before paying tax in the first and possibly second pay day. So its not lost out on.

It may be claiming benefits, is worth a consideration as
1) It will give you a National Insurance credit towards your state pension (although if you already have a full 30 years then this will make no difference at all!) and
2) You are legally entitled to it due to the National Insurance payments you have already made

But I do appreciate that its a soul destroying process having to attend fortnightly meetings to "sign on" and provide evidence of your attempt to find work, which I appreciate, many find not worth the small amount of £72.40 a week (but others find it better than nothing and worse the experiance!)



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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you sam for your advice.

Hi Arthur

You are very welcome - please do take the trouble to rate the level of service provided on this new post (and all future posts) as this ensures I am credited for my time by Just Answer.

Thanks and good luck